So I just came from my Yoga class this morning at it was a BLAST. Besides the challenge Yoga provides for you physically it serves a mental exercise to really focus on your body. Now when I first started my Yoga class I was clumsy, unstable, and lacked focus at best. But what I love most about the classes are the mental focus exercises along with the lessons of peace that they offer. Ok! So what I joined Yoga to wear the cool workout outfits and to get a colorful mat, but the lessons I’ve learned will last an eternity. Before I began my Yoga classes I expected to do some stretching, work up a little sweat, and go home. Moving into my second month of consistent classes I have found myself more relaxed, focused, and less agitated throughout the day. One of the lessons that’s really clear in the class is to “be present, be focused, and to be proud.” This class has challenged me to clear my mind and to totally focus on whatever task I’m doing. Often when I’ve worked out I would find my mind wandering about task I needed to complete before the day is over. Although I would still get in a pretty good work out, I would never fully commit myself to what I was doing. I began to notice that this was something I often did throughout the day. Even in many of the daily task I would complete, my mind would began to think of things I needed to do when that task was over. This can be tiring and can limit you in enjoying the task you are currently working on. This habit I had developed began to really interfere with how I physically and emotionally felt at the end of the day. NOW, when I started Yoga the very first thing the instructor asked the class to do was to clear our minds of everything before our workout. This must have been one of the hardest things I’ve ever been asked to do. I thought to myself “If I clear my mind, what should I think about now?” We were then instructed to only focus on ourselves and the workout we were about to do. For the first time my mind was sharply focused on what I was doing. I felt somewhat relieved and oddly happy while doing these awkward and extreme Yoga stretches. Take a moment to think (or better yet not think) about how often you really focus on the task at hand. You may even be reading this blog and thinking about what you want to cook for Have you ever felt that time is going by extremely fast? You look up and a year has passed and you really couldn’t say that you truly enjoyed it. You were so focused on getting task done that you forgot to enjoy what you were doing. That was me; I would make a list of all the things that had to be completed and never enjoyed any of them. Although I may have joined Yoga, for what many would say were the wrong reasons, it has really begun to improve my overall health. Noticing that I am fully committed to my daily exercises and task has really began to improve how I feel about myself and others. If I can fully commit myself to myself and to those around I will be able to really appreciate life. Are you truly focusing on the task you have at hand, ensuring that you get the most out of it? If not, I challenge you to make a conscious effort to enjoy Life and those around you starting NOW!



Capitol Hill Martial Arts Academy, Washington DC

202-455-4MMA (4662)

  1. Dagney says:

    Yoga is fantastic medicine. What form do you practice? Have you ever tried Bikram?

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